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One-stop solution for your digital marketing needs. 

Since day one, our focus has been on providing strategies and services that position our clients to succeed in today’s dynamic, and constantly evolving world. We at Scrudal with our unique campaign system of fresh creative ideas and innovation will ensure your business gets you more sales, better ROI, and the lowest CPA. We promise you results that you never thought would be possible.


Scrudal’s team of creative, ingenious heads are always up for brainstorming revolutionary strategies that can make a positive impact on industry leaders and the business holds

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The idea of bringing integrated marketing services under one roof is the reason SCRUDAL exists. The curated team of experts in Scrudal works for a single goal: to create eye-catching and impactful digital experience & culture via connecting people and hence shaping the future.

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Research and Analyse

What sets us apart is our focus on gaining insights on your market and target audience.


Build your online community

Our emphasis is not only on getting likes, shared, comments but build an online community for your brand.


Develop your strategy and calendar

We device an a-la-carte time-driven strategy that aligns with campaign and companies goals.


Create the value

We develop a well-thought-out content management approach that includes blogs, vlogs, infographics for your brand.


Get the word out

We understand the importance of  putting the whole package  out in the world to reach the targeted audience.


Monitor and Engage

We maintain a keen eye to monitor the progress through each step of the process.


Measure and Analyze

We constantly review metrics and analyse data gathered to aim for improved results.


Rinse and Repeat

What we do in not a one-time process, that’s why our process is forward looking. We keep formulating strategies for you.

about us

We are a community of creative and ingenious people.

We contrive to achieve goals and welcome new learnings to hone our skills. It helps to accelerate Digital Transformation and Innovative Ideas combined with Research, Data Intelligence, and expertise that creates Brand Value.